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The stud selects mares to produce a sport horse that is of outstanding type, ability and temperament, suitable to perform at world class events. An excellent mare pool is the most important facet of any breeding program and all serious breeders these days are aware of the impact that mares have on their progeny. 

It is a well debated fact amongst breeders that the mare's influence on progeny can be greater than that of its sire's so it is extremely important to have a good base with which to start any breeding program. This is why when choosing mares from Germany, we have only selected the highest classified Holsteiner mares which include State Premium Mares. Very few mares are classified as State Premium Mares by the Holstein Verband each year. 
As with the Holsteiner Stallions, a mare's lineage can be traced back through what is called a "stamm number" and as you will see this is the basis for the Holsteiner breed.  Stamm literally means “trunk” or “stem,” and refers to the mother line in Holsteiner breeding. Stamm numbers are used to evaluate the breeding potential of a horse. Stamms were given to mares that came from generations of proven successful horses when Holsteiner breeding was organized in the 1800’s. Under this system, a daughter keeps the stamm number of her mother, so it is possible to trace each mare back to the original mare identified. By using stamm numbers, breeders can investigate the successes of a family and make breeding decisions based on the trait suitability of that line for their program.

The Stamm number is included on the mare's pedigree. For example stamm 776 is the stamm for one of our Premium State Mares, Cadence and follows down this line to Cougar, Chanel and Coco. This stamm is one of the most sought after in the Holstein breed and is responsible for sires such as Calvados I and II, Cortino I and II, Lord Incipit, Captain Incipit, Lauritz J, Rossini, Acorado, Lordanos, Ramirado Contiki, Toledo and the world class sire Ramiro Z who is present in many top jumping horses and sires.   It is one of the premier performance stamms, with a high percentage of elite-producing mares. At one time, 75% of all the mares from this line were designated as State Premium mares.

Where sires such as Ladykiller and Cor de la Bryere have influenced the breed by refining the type, the foundation of the Holsteiner has always been from the dam's stamm. When reading through the pedigrees of each of our mares take particular attention of the mare's dam's pedigree and you will be able to understand the importance that we have placed on carefully selecting our mares and the role they have played in the line breeding of Holsteiner progeny by Ladykiller, Landgraf I and Cor de la Bryere.
For information of historical foundation mares and reference mares please click on the names below for their fact sheets. 
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