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Welcome to Noblewood

Noblewood is owned and managed by Robynne McTaggart and is one of the oldest and most prestigious breeding barns in Australia for purpose bred sporthorses focusing on the discipline of jumping.  The property is situated in Gidgegannup in the hills of Perth on 100 acres. The Stud's focus has always been in bringing excellent bred and performance mares and complimenting stallions - to Australia with blood lines which have included Cassini, Quidam De Revel, Cor de la Bryere, Ladykiller, Landgraf, Contendro, Lord, Alme, Caretino, Cassall and many more.

About Noblewood

Since commencing the breeding program, Noblewood has established itself as one of the most important performance breeders in Australia, importing nearly 30 mares and stallions from Holstein Germany in 1991, 1997 and 2004 and 2007.

Founded on imported Holsteiner horses, Noblewood has produced showjumpers performing at World Cup level from more than 30 imported mares and stallions it has imported since 1991. Proving its successful breeding formula, Noblewood horses have been on National Australian elite squads, as well as shortlisted for Olympic and World Equestrian Games. Although formally established in 1991, the Stud started importing horses from Europe a year earlier, bringing a number of foundation mares from Germany's Verband in 1990 and, later, Jadalco and Collins, two stallions who have since had a significant impact on Australian showjumping bloodlines; many of their progeny are highly sought-after, while others are top performers today in Australia and in Europe - where, ironically, some have been sold and now successfully compete.
Noblewood horses carry the lineage of jumping royalty, including that of Cassini, Quidam de Revel, Cor de la Breyer, Contendro and Alme. "Our sire and dam lines carry proven world class bloodlines. We use some of the best genetics in the world". But the stallions are only part of the equation, "By understanding the importance of practice, scientific approach and the need for using quality broodmares, we're able to get the maximum benefit from the use of both frozen semen and our imported stallions." "We give as much thought to our dam lines as we do our stallions and choose mares that we expect to produce potential world cup horses of outstanding type, ability and temperament."
To achieve this, Noblewood purchased the highest classified Holsteiner mares from Germany including State Premium Mares. Very few mares are classified as State Premium by the Holstein Verband each year however using these mares in our breeding programme has been our benchmark since commencing our breeding programme. The lineage of every Holstein stallion or mare can be traced back through what is called a Stamm number, the basis for the Holsteiner breed. For example one of Noblewood's Premium State Mares, Cadence, carries Stamm 776, which is responsible for sires such as Calvados I and II, Cortino I and II, Lord Incipit, Acorado, Lordanos, Ramirado Contiki, Toledo and Ramiro Z. Where sires have influenced the breed by refining the type, the foundation has always been from the dam's stamm.

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